lcp_2157Atwell College is a modern and progressive college. The college provides a positive learning environment supporting the development of socially and environmentally responsible students with the skills and resiliency to be successful. In essence to Embrace the Future the Atwell College core beliefs and values are supported by four pillars: Opportunity, Holism, Environment and Connection. The pillars summarize the essence of the Atwell College core beliefs and values within the college curriculum.

All students are welcomed to Atwell College with the understanding that the college expects all students to participate in the academic programs of the college. A commitment to academic excellence by the individual and a commitment to engage in the college culture supports successful students. Atwell College is a participant in PBS (Positive Behaviour in Schools) programs designed to support student well being. Pastoral care programs and pastoral care staff support all students to ensure students are at their optimum. Positive behaviours are encouraged, recognized and developed in all aspects of college life.

Student inclusivity is an essential component of the learning environment at Atwell College. The college accommodates the learning requirements of all students and provides an accessible curriculum supporting student aspirations. Outstanding facilities and modern buildings offer students staff and the community the very best in education.

Atwell College strives to be an active participant in the community, seeking links, partnerships and collaboration where appropriate. The Atwell College Zone (ACZ) consists of partner primary schools: Harmony Primary School, Atwell Primary school, Success Primary School, Jandakot Primary School, Aubin Grove Primary School and Hammond Park Primary School. Inclusion programs within ACZ support student extension, student achievement and student development.

Noel Woodley