The Annual General Meeting of Atwell College Parents & Citizens’ Association Inc will be held on Wednesday, 23 March 2016 at 6pm in the Administration building.

I am the President of Atwell College P&C and as my youngest child has now graduated Year 12, I will be leaving the College and the P&C.

It is vital that our P&C continues to be a strong force within the College and to do that we need your support.  If you have been involved in P&C’s in the past or more recently at another school, let me take this opportunity to set out what our P&C does so that you have a better understanding of our role within the College.

Most people shy away from P&C groups as they feel that they have to give up a lot of their time with lots of committees and fundraising projects, and although these are important things, they are not the driving force behind Atwell P&C.

In order to continue, the P&C must have elected members who help keep the P&C running smoothly and comply with our obligations as an Incorporated Body, but actually, our P&C just about runs itself.

We hold committee meetings twice each school term, in Week 3 and Week 8 and at those meetings we do make decisions, however the majority of the time we hear a report from the Principal on changes at the College, upcoming events, planning for future, class and student achievements, and HEAPS more.  This is a very unique forum where we listen and talk with the Principal directly about what’s happening at the College.   The discussions are very informative and current.

We also hear a report from the P&C Representative on the Atwell College Board.  This also gives us an insight into the administrative and financial aspects of the College.   We have on occasion had members from the City of Cockburn come along to pass on information about community projects and developments in the area.

The majority of the income attributed to the P&C are derived from outside sources such as commissions paid by Uniform Concepts (the uniform provider for the College), P&C Voluntary Contributions (paid through your student’s school fees) and Community Grants.  Only a small amount is from fundraising activities.   From these monies in the past year, we have been able to give to the school money towards electronic whiteboards, Year 12 graduation sashes, money for the Community Reflection Garden.

At the upcoming AGM we will be electing a new committee consisting of the following roles:

  • President
  • Deputy President
  • Treasurer
  • Secretary
  • Board P&C Representative

There is the option to have separate committees for Fundraising and Uniforms if the need arises.  We also could use a person who is great with computers and IT functions to run our webpage and Facebook page.

We would love to see you at the AGM, or any committee meeting throughout the year, and if you can help out by nominating for one of the committee roles, we would really appreciate it.

As we are all busy people, with our work and our kids and families, so we try and keep meetings to 1 hour duration.  So it’s not that much really when we only have 8 meetings a year and you never know, you may find out something you never knew about the College or the P&C, and the chance to meet other parents.

Kind regards


Michelle Fraser

P&C President

8 March 2016