The Atwell College Board is responsible for the governance of the College. The Board has several crucial functions under governance including ensuring the College’s resources, financial and workforce are used to support the aims and goals of the College. Board members are asked to contribute to the analysis of Atwell College performance information and support the college in ensuring the best possible educational outcomes for the students. The Board is also asked to contribute to policy matters through discussion and expressing the views of the community. Nominations from community members are being called to replace retiring board members. If you are interested in being a board member please nominate. The Atwell College Board meets twice per term from 5:15 to about 7pm depending on the agenda. Information pertaining to the upcoming meeting is distributed to Board members beforehand to assist in discussion and decision making. Please direct inquiries to Noel Woodley, Principal.

If you are considering a nomination please email: providing contact details. If there are more nominations than available places and election will be called. Nominations are due by 4pm Friday 14 July.